Our Services:

  • Project Teams
    Our seasoned professionals execute on your corporate strategies and industry mandates to hit timeline and budgetary guidelines/milestones enabling shareholder value.
  • Executive Placements
    We have industry connections that have sourced and recruited top talent for game changing scenarios.
  • Business Outsourcing
    We provide time and cost advantages of outsourcing your more ancillary services enabling you to focus on your core differentiators and talents.
  • Venture Funding
    We provide seed funding to companies that have great ideas, and talent but current resource constraints.

How  It  Works

Our Process

Typically we will work with key individuals or corporate stakeholders within a private or publicly held company to determine where best our expertise and resources can add significant value through our specific industry worksheets and analytics. After this exercise (or if client has a specific direction) we will make recommendations on best use of human and/or venture capital to obtain the individuals/corporations goals, strategies and vision.

Our engagement can be on a case by case scenario via seed capital for a specific project or event and/or strategic human capital required for a key corporate position or projects (via a project team that can be ‘in-house’ or ‘outsourced’).

Time   (value)   benefits   of   strategic,   high   quality   Human   and   Capital   resources

Every second that passes either maintains your current position, increases or decreases your current market standing. Your competition is not standing still while you garner these additional resources.